About Ric Perron

I am a licensed electrical contractor with 35 years experience. My shift towards responsible energy came as an EV (electric vehicle) installer. I have mapped out the whole of Vancouver Island with Sun Country Highway car chargers and I have been their Island tech for years.

Many EV owners have switched to solar as their source of car fuel. With the help of HES PV, I have been following the solar trend as an installer of clean energy.

My ongoing Film Night at the Metchosin Community House, hosted on the last Friday of every month, raises awareness about energy, environment, and social issues. My hope is to inspire and motivate people to switch to renewable energies – the sooner the better. Everything (I mean everything) raised through the donations, has gone to either RAVEN or Pull Together: First Nations Legal Defence Fund for court costs in their fight against the development of the Peace River Site C Dam , and against the Enbridge pipeline. They often come out to my film night to facilitate and answer questions – it’s very rewarding.

“Sharing the sun for responsible energy”